Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of the Puppet Persuasion

It seems that everywhere I go this summer in Chicago, I run into this little portable puppet box with fanciful music and dancing kitties/wizards/alligators. It really inspires a girl to grab a partner and twirl around in the sidewalk. Need I say more?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Brynn's wedded bliss recap

Most of ya'll know how amazing Brynn and John's wedding festivities were (either you were there or you have heard me describe it in painstaking detail) but here's a recap in 10 easy bullet points anyhow:

-Brynn's dress was pulled from the costume storage at Annex theater and crafted into a stunning number by Mairi.

-"Groom, groom, where is the groom"?, "Bride, bride, where is my bride"? and "We want a wedding! When do we want it? Now!" chanted in unison by 150 people parading to Volunteer park.

-A 20 act cabaret performance with Brynn and John doing the MC work. The touching/creepy/hysterical mask number. Didi and I finishing up the night and barely remembering being on stage due to the many glasses of wine/excitement/nerves. Tin whistles.

-A 3-tiered sushi wedding cake (and a traditional one).

-A glorious and glowing Brynn with one HOT bouffant.

-The entire congregation singing "Daisy, Daisy" in a round (we had learned it the night before at the cabaret of course!) ending with a bicycle built for two zooming into the crowd and whisking away the married couple.

-Seeing friends from ye' old alma mater that I haven't seen in years and getting to know some new ones.

-Spending quality time with Brynn and all her girls pre-ceremony and shedding a few wee tears.

-Random music breakouts, blue-grass banding, and impromtu stage numbers (including the Little Mermaid). Singing "Freedom" by George Michael in 3-part harmony with John and Didi.

-Witnessing the love that is Brynn and John.

And all the people that love them.

***So ah, many of these pics are not mine (ok, I think only one of them is mine) so thanks to all those fabulous photographers!***

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Procrastination links

Below are a few fun links I have recently stumbled upon.

I really can't get enough of the website Etsy for all my handmade craft needs but it can sometimes be overwhelming to sort the good from the bad. Enter Heart Handmade, a blog that highlights some of the best crafters and their homemade wares every day. It is a great place to start a-looking at Etsy products and the person that writes this blog seems to have consistently good taste.

While searching for the perfect pair of cheap earrings on Etsy, have Muxtape running in the background. The website is a simple concept- people upload their favorite songs and create an online mixed tape for others to listen to. 'Tis fun to discover new songs and rediscover forgotten oldies, all mix-mashed together.

***There is a mix that is entitled "Kill Yourself"- Megan, did you find this website before I did?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Frosty pick-me up

I have been battling a nasty cold for days and I been yearning for something cold on my weary throat but nothing has sounded good. I wanted something healthy, nutritious and satisfying. For some reason I started thinking of those Orange Julius stands in the mall and I realized that is what I craved. Obviously I wasn't about to learn how to drive a stick and hit up the suburban mall so I whipped up one of my own and it isn't half bad (and pretty healthy too)! Here's my improv recipe:

1 cup orange juice (orange juice concentrate might be better but I didn't have any on hand)
2/3 cup soy milk
splash of vanilla extract
handful of ice cubes until slushy

Then whoop it up in yer blender.

Although the orange flavor could be more pronounced the soy milk makes for a creamy and sweet aftertaste. The one thing missing is a colorful straw (and my health).

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

A cheers to luxury

Close your eyes and think of the most luxurious thing that could ever grace your Ikea dining room table that you purchased on Craigslist. If your brain is screaming SWAN ICE SCULPTURE then we think a lot alike my friend. A thousand thanks to Megan for fulfilling my dream of owning a reusable ice sculpture mold! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Just imagine the party possibilities?!

Michael and I enjoyed it's inaugural outing with pepper encrusted bison steaks and a large amount of wine. Nothing says pretentious Monday night dinner for two quite like a freshly molded ice swan (propped up on an ice tray for traction). Let's just say my parents are coming to town this weekend and we will be taking this baby out for another swim...


This is Madison. She is a Schnauzer. We take of her and her elderly mother Bailey (not pictured) when my boss goes on vacation. Bailey only eats microwaved turkey sandwiches and french toast.

Believe it or not.

It's the Bakke blog, back by popular demand (aka Emily Bauer)! Let's just face it folks, the back-bloggin' just isn't going to happen so let's start fresh with some spring lovelies (by the way, spring JUST started here this weekend and it is April 7). I can feel myself recovering as we speak from a seemingly never ending winter haze....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not surprising

After checking out these pictures maybe it isn't so shocking that Michael got into the trouble he did the night before Megan's birthday (email me if you don't already know the details of this lovely evening).

Wild, wild Michael

Ed and Allison hosted a wild west party where someone brought up the idea that Michael looked like that guy from Reno 911. After procuring a pair of ratty jeans from Ed, I helped Michael fully realize his potential as that guy from that show.

Pre-Reno 911

In process

Blurry yet representative

On the walk home

If only

I would just update my blog on a regular basis I would not have the task of updating for the last 8 months. But alas, I owe it to the 3 people who regularly read my blog. Here goes!